An update on our proposals – October 2018

Following the submission of the planning application in April 2017 we have undertaken further consultation with the London Borough of Waltham Forest, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, Greater London Authority, Transport for London, and the Environment Agency to further refine our proposal.

In summary, these changes are as follows:

• Elevations have been improved to include a substantial increase in brickwork and areas of coloured cladding in lieu of render. Colours have also been changed to reflect the context and history of the site, whilst better relating to the MOL;

• The platform lift in the primary school has been changed to a passenger lift and a second lift included within the secondary school, to further support disabled students, staff, and visitors;

• The external lighting plan has been updated to reduce light spillage on the eastern side of the site;

• To more closely align to the aspirations of Enjoy Waltham Forest, the parental drop-off and pick-up has been removed, car parking spaces have been significantly reduced, and cycle parking has been increased from 45 to 72 spaces in total for staff and students at Athena Primary Academy and from 235 to 238 for staff and students at Barclay Secondary Free School;

• Substantial improvements to the Enjoy Waltham Forest scheme are to be provided as part of the application and a new bus lane built adjacent to the site; and

• Lea Bridge Road crossing signals are to be upgraded and relocated to improve safety and an additional footpath has been introduced adjacent the new bus lane to enable pedestrians to immediately leave the public highway and have direct access to the primary school without having to cross the main vehicle entrance.

You can find further information on our design changes by downloading the Design and Access Statement addendum by clicking here

You can view images of what the new schools will look like by clicking here


How to register your support

It is important that the Council understands that local people are supportive of these two much-needed new schools.

Please register your support for our proposals by following the link here.

To submit your comments using the Council’s website, you will need to add your name and address, and enter the planning application reference number 171408 with the address of the property (150a Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, London, E5 9RJ).

We have prepared our own template letter of support, which you can find here. You may wish to use elements of this letter in your own comments.

We understand that the Council is due to make a decision on our planning application soon. If you have any further questions or would like any further information on the proposals, please contact us on


You can drag the centre slide-bar below to reveal the current and proposed site visuals.


Public consultation on our proposals

We directly contacted over 6,000 local residents on two separate occasions during the public consultation process, in Summer 2016 and again in Autumn 2016.

During the consultation we explained our evolving designs, listened to local feedback and responded to questions from the public. If you would like to see the feedback we received and our responses, you can download a copy of our Statement of Community Involvement by clicking here.

We have now submitted a planning application for the schools to the London Borough of Waltham Forest. We now need your support before our planning application is determined by the Council and you can find out how you can register your support in the section above.


Image gallery

  • Barlcay Entrance

    Barclay Secondary Free School – Front View

  • athena

    Athena Primary Academy – Front View

  • Barclay Secondary Free School - Rear View

    Barclay Secondary Free School – Rear View

  • Aerial

    Lea Bridge depot school proposals

  • Primary-School-Learning-Resource-Centre-Feb2018

    Athena Primary School – Learning Resource Centre

  • Secondary-School-Dining-Room-1.Feb18

    Barclay Secondary Free School – Dining Room

  • Aerial Athena

    Primary School – Rear view

  • 2779-SK-019-no build zone

    Lea Bridge Depot No Build Zone

Public Consultation

You can view our current public exhibition boards to your right, and by clicking the download button below.


You can also view the public exhibition boards from our consultation in July by clicking the download button below.


Comments and questions

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